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Color, size, light khaki-001, peach pink-002, light white-003, pure black-004, light mocha-005, green-006, blue-007, monochrome 10, monochrome 20, monochrome 30, monochrome 40, monochrome 50, monochrome 60, monochrome 70, 70 (10 per color,,

The first time you buy, the delivery is fast, and the logistics is fast???. What a big and heavy paper box. I'm a little suspicious. Is this bedding???? The opening process is like opening a blind box. It's really a good thing. Blessed are the eyes. The workmanship is meticulous, the color is elegant and the pattern is dignified. 100 thread count cotton feels like silk, and it is soft and comfortable to touch. Ha, I love it! This will be the standard in the future???. Atmospheric, high-grade, very comfortable to use!

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